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Friday, 5 September 2008

The 30 most stylish british women

Reignite your patriotism here

We weren't interested in women who 'buy in' their style in the form of an expensive stylist. We were looking for women who dress themselves, and who dress for themselves - women who don't give a damn (or not much of one, anyway) about what anyone else thinks. They might be a Classicist (Jane Birkin in black), they might be a Maverick (Vivienne Westwood in red - dress and hair), but whatever their chosen style each of our 30 British-born women is true to who she is.

To my surprise, we judges found it remarkably easy to draw up our list. Many of them are names you will know, some of them you may not… yet. Do you agree with our choice?


Belle de Ville said...

Funny...I didn't see Posh in that list.

greying pixie said...

Funny...I didn't see anyone over size 12 in that list.

Anonymous said...

How about our good old Queen.. In her 80's not afraid of colour and will re-use an old piece from decades past..
I'll warrant she's not one to easily pushed about by a stylist either.

Anonymous said...

There are no stylish Black or Asian women in Britain?!!!