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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Normal service will resume

on Tuesday, with Thought for the Day and the Thoughtful Dresser poll and the answer to the question, how many and what type of shoes should a woman have.

Not my new year resolution

A nobler person than The Thoughtful Dresser spent 2007 buying no new clothes.

Resisting, you see, is empowering. You feel as if you are carving out your consumer choices rather than giving in to the same desires that drive everyone else. As for what I wear, I’ve not once felt defeated by a lack of choice. Oddly, that happened more before I stopped shopping. Perhaps now I give more time to it, thinking about various outfits while in the shower, or eating breakfast. I spend evenings every month going through my supply, pulling forgotten numbers from the bottom of the wardrobe and teaming up different bits and pieces. As with food or travel, a degree of constraint can make you more creative.