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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Out of the USSR

Sitting having a cup of coffee just before the hairdresser's at Sloane Square this afternoon, I saw two tall, expensively blond middle aged women walk towards me and sit down at the next table. They seemed gold from head to foot. They wore suede and bracelets. Their lips were the colour of dark honey. Then they started talking in Russian, and I could not help but wonder what they were wearing 20 years ago in Moscow or Leningrad, and feel glad for them that, having missed out on all the delight of frivolous, fashionable youth, they had found Joseph before it was too late. Viva democracy.

Camel toe

Camel toe is the phrase which describes the phenomenon pictured above, in which an outfit is too tight in an area where you really would not like it to be too tight.

New York Fashion Week takes time to reflect on Super Tuesday

Joss Stone's thoughts on meeting Laura Bush:

"I saw the Bush lady ... I care for American politics because it affects the rest of the world so much, but I just don't really care for the Bush family," Stone said. "I'd actually met her before at the White House and it was like 'Hey how are you,' and then she was gone. I mean, to be fair, I guess she seemed like a nice enough chick, but I don't really know."

Tim Gunn picks the best-dressed candidate - Obama: "He's not taking himself too seriously, and he's not wearing a uniform"

Thought for the day

It is eleven years since I have seen my figure in a glass. The last reflection I saw there was so disagreeable, I resolved to spare myself such mortifications for the future. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu