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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Naked self-interest

I just want to mention that as part of the mammoth clean-out operation that awaits me today, I will be taking about 20 items to the dry-cleaners and buying a lot more moth death ray spray and a lot more insecticide, which of course means I can't buy any new clothes. Unless you ordered something from Pure Cashmere from the link above and I get 12 per cent of whatever you spend. Or 22 per cent if you're a new customer. Don't you need a pashmina? But, you know, no pressure.

How to look your best

This simple, straightforward set of rules is so basic and obvious that they scarecly need stating, but taken toegther they seem to me to represent the Ten (actually Six) Commandments of dressing, and as such, should be taped to the inside of every woman's wardrobe:

Top styling tips

  • The second you put a limb into a piece of clothing, you should feel good about wearing it.
  • Throw away anything you haven't worn for more than three years.
  • Never buy clothes you need to be slim to fit into.
  • Every outfit should have one "wow" factor item, be it belt, shoes or a piece of jewellery.
  • Never buy clothes that wear you: people should notice you first, not what you are wearing.
  • Buy jeans to suit your figure, rather than the jeans of the season.