Because you can't have depths without surfaces.
Linda Grant, thinking about clothes, books and other matters.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

BBC interview

I will be interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour tomorrow, Monday, programme starts at 10am. There's a facility to listen on-line for up to seven days later

Sunday Times review of The Clothes On Their Backs

We are what we wear because clothes reveal our personalities but, as Grant makes clear as she guides us through a dizzying ethical maze, they also conceal them. We leave Vivien, now middle-aged and recently widowed for the second time, swinging a bag containing a svelte new dress – a symbol of hope for the future if anything is – and we understand that, in this meticulously textured and complex novel, beneath Grant’s surface dressing, what she is talking about is more than skin deep.


Thought for the day

A plain, genteel dress is more admired, and obtains more credit, than lace and embroidery, in the eyes of the judicious and the sensible. George Washington