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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Cat in a hat

Not for the squeamish, or cat lovers

says a devoted admirer of Cruella de Ville's working the black and white look

Pop Quiz!

Two people are going to a party. One person, let's call him, for the sake of convenience, the Man, was ready 40 minutes ago and is sitting in the kitchen listening to the radio and enjoying working through his Bumper Book of Sudoku puzzles.

The other person, who, also for the sake of convenience, we'll call the Woman, has bought a new outfit for the occasion, but having tried it on, takes it off again and tries on four other outfits before reverting back to the one she started with.

She finally comes down to the kitchen and says to the Man: I need a completely honest, unbiased answer, do I look fat in this?

Is the correct answer:
a) Yes
b) No
c) Darling whatever you wear, you will always look beautiful to me
d) Wow, you look absolutely fantastic but how much could that have cost?

I will provide the correct answer in a future post.