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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Cat in a hat

Not for the squeamish, or cat lovers

says a devoted admirer of Cruella de Ville's working the black and white look


Kelly said...

oh my god. And the pets too?! That's ruining two lives! The nerve of this woman astounds me.

Kuri said...

If the ferals cats are going to be killed anyway, I guess I can't begruge Mrs. Eades the secondary use. However, the callous-ness of Mr. Burgess really disturbs. If he were responsible, he'd turn any cat with a collar, tattoo or micro--chip back to the owner (with a fine, if one is mandated in the area). To kill first without acknowledging the property relationship with the pet owner is irresponsible. (And no, cats should not be forced indoors all the time anymore than humans do. Doing so makes them obese and depressed.)

rb said...

Ugh, that work in progress looks a bit like my cat.

Who would wear those hats anyway? I thought cat hair was highly allergenic. (That's what it says in "Knitting with Dog Hair", which I bought as a joke and turns out to be a serious book.)

Arabella said...

RB - LOL (sans cat)!

phyllis said...

I love her vintage sewing machine.

lagatta said...

She's considerably older than I am, so there is a good chance she will die before I do. So her hide must be sent here and I'll stuff it (cat hair would do) and make a nice bed with it for my cat to sleep on.

I know there is a feral cat problem in Australia, but a spay/neuter and release programme would be a far more humane way of solving it.

The nerve of those humans - they don't reach our furry ankles in terms of elegance.