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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Jaeger Autumn Winter press show

Early in February I saw Jaeger's first catwalk show in their 125 year history, and wondered if it was too edgy for the audience it was supposed to serve. This morning I saw the collection at their press view. A magazine editor I had shared a car with in February told me that it would be toned down to make a 'selling collection', and so it was.

Seeing the pieces separately, on hangers, and not on six feet eight size 0 models was a completely different kettle of fish. Some items, like the trailing fringes, had been considerably shorted and some of the catwalk pieces will go into the stores in only small numbers.

The core of what I saw was really high standard wool tailoring: a funnel-neck coat dress with gold buttons which I will definitely buy, a double-breasted coat with the same buttons and even a cape. Very strong, very wearable pieces which don't look as though they will date. There were also beautiful bias cut maxi dresses, with sleeves and a stunning velvet dress.

You can see the gold button detailing here, on a black wool skirt, and the fringing. Now imagine those buttons on wearable coats and the fringing cut back 50 per cent.


Anonymous said...

They are nice clothes but they're far too dressy for me. I work at home and need something much more casual.

In fact, I'm on the look out for the ideal pair of jeans for someone short-waisted, long-legged and a size 12, sloping waist and not a humungous sized pair of hips or bum.


Kelly said...

hmmm. Even if the fringe was cut down, I'm pretty sure this is an ugly coat.

Anonymous said...

Linda: I´ve never seen a six feet 10 model,hope you just meant it as a joke. Making the joke even better ,I could add that I have never seen a four feet 1 inch model either. Just to make things even.No harm done.

Greying pixie said...

The whole Jaeger revival is very exciting. I've always been a fan of Jaeger. I bought my first Jaeger outfit in a sale in 1981 at the age of 20 which is probably my downfall as it got me hooked on well made clothing. And a black skirt from 1986 is still going strong.

Since so many of the French houses have gone hyper trendy in recent years (Celine, YSL, to name a couple) I think Jaeger is set to fill a very wide and gaping hole for those of us who cannot or will not pay Hermes prices for really stylish and well designed clothing.

Roll on autumn - did I really say that?

Rollergirl said...

I saw the AW preview and was impressed. Where Burberry got a whole load of new customers and kept a few old ones I think Jaeger is trying to keep a load of its existing customers and gain a few new ones. The clothes I saw are beautifully made and original without being OTT. You did get the £100 voucher hidden INSIDE the look book didn't you?

Linda Grant said...

Of course.