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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Trousers, what shape?

Harvey Nicks buyer says:

"If someone asks 'what's on trend?' I don't know what to say. There are no rules. You have to learn your own style. You can wear short, midi or maxi now. Trousers can be wide, skinny, cropped, flared, high-waisted or hipster. They're all 'right'. That's the exciting thing."


Anonymous said...

This is true...anything and everything goes now. That's hy I find the articles like "the dress is dead" and "heels out" so funny. Gone are the days when those dictates can apply.

Of course, that leads many into dangerous waters wrt taste and choice, but as I see it the days of things going drastically in or out of fashion is over.

phyllis said...

Hallelujah - pants are certainly one item of clothing were the best fit and most flattering style is really dictated by one's body shape.

Toby Wollin said...

Well, at least the Harvey Nichols buyer isn't spouting tripe like "The dress is dead". By the way, on Dressaday, there seems to be a "Fashion Rebel Alliance" forming. The "dress is dead as of August" thing really has struck a nerve.

StyleSpy said...

I'm kind of mystified by people who ask, "What's in style?" or "What's on trend?" Certainly there are things in the fashion zeitgeist that work into my subconscious and that I find myself wanting to incorporate into my wardrobe in any given season, but are there really people who walk into a department store looking for a "trendy" pair of slacks? As far as I'm concerned, anyone who does that deserves the most ridiculous pair the SA can fob off on them,

Greying pixie said...

I agree with stylespy. Take any elegant woman in history and you will see that they definitely had their own style, sometimes within a general trend and sometimes outside it.

WendyB said...

Sounds good to me!