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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Jaeger AW08: terrifying the pony club

Jaeger showed for the first time at London Fashion Week this evening. No-one could accuse the clothes they sent down the catwalk of being safe. With some pounding music which seemed to have pumped directly from a club in Shoreditch, and the models with long poker straight hair by Sam McKnight, the colours were black, petrol blue, forest green, camel.

What can you say about a shaggy Mongolian bomber jacket, sailor trousers buttoned up at the sides, long, lean silhouettes almost to the ankles, huge bows and lots of fringing?

I shared the car of a magazine editor to the after-show and she pointed out that a decade ago Burberry made macs. So maybe Jaeger can become an international fashion brand.

Huge buzz about Ossie Clark, their press person inundated with requests for tickets this morning, he tells me.

By the way, no prizes for guessing what colour the majority of the audience at London Fashion Week wears . . .


Toby Wollin said...

Ah, but you DID say, "forest green".

Phyllis said...

I think they hit one out of the ballpark with this collection. Edgey and wearable; that's a rare as hen's teeth these days. I saw several looks worth lusting after.

Linda - is your dress the same print pattern as the skirt on #27 on

Linda Grant said...

My dress is SS08, is showing AW08

miss cavendish said...

I love the two bottom looks; the first--a snakeskin print?--terrifies me. My morbid fear of all things slithery prevents me from touching even a print.

Once in a Calvin Klein boutique the salesperson tried to pass me a beautiful wristlet in--you guessed it. It never left his hands.

Thomas said...

I'll Oh wait, no prizes.

Fuscia it is then.

enc said...

That's not the Jaeger I remember! Good for them for breaking out.