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Sunday, 23 March 2008

On not being able to leave the house

“The hardest thing to sell at the moment is a black kitten heel,” says Rebecca Farrar-Hockley, the buying and creative director of Kurt Geiger. According to her, a shoe boom is nigh, spurred on by It-bag fatigue and pared-down ready-to-wear.


phyllis said...

Maybe its just my problem, but I think kitten heels are one of the least flattering shoe styles and many of them are downright ugly.

Deja Pseu said...

Those LV's are an orthopedic surgeon's dream. Fall in those puppies and you'll do some serious damage.

Highest I can go anymore is 5 cm (2.5-3"). My foot is only about 9" long; to wear a 7" heel I'd almost have to be en pointe. Comparisons to Chinese foot binding are only mildly hyperbolic. But this time women are doing it to themselves...Fetish/Masochism chic?

Meg from The Bargain Queens & All About Appearances said...

I love high heels and flats, but good kitten heels are a rare but treasured find. In fact, I just bought a pair of black kitten heels to wear for band and singing performances. They're just as comfortable as my flats they're replacing, but give me that added height so I don't feel quite so dumpy (even at 5'10).