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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Incredibly useful article about shopping in Paris

. . . and how to look like a Parisian. Here

I was in Paris in September and the key to looking like a Frenchwoman is scarves. Artfully tied.


Deja Pseu said...

Oh, to be able to have a personal shopper in Paris...

Was amused to read that my own style M.O. (inexpensive basic clothing, more upscale accessories) was considered "French." I've also become quite addicted to scarves ever since our Paris trip last year, and have become more comfortable experimenting with them.

Duchesse said...

Wait a little minute, I'm paying somebody to dress me like a Bulgarian geography teacher? If it's on my nickel, I expect her to "get" me in about 80 seconds, and then take me to wonderful places I'm unlikely to find, not Theory and the feeding frenzy that is Colette. The outcome is not impressive for a five-hour trawl of the 6e and 1e, where you can practically close your eyes and hit a chic shop.

Belle de Ville said...

When I moved to Paris in the late 1990's my French fiance told me that everyone would immediately recogize me as non French. But what actually happened was that French people from outside of Paris used to come up to me and ask directions thinking that I was the typical Parisian woman.
I don't know what it was, because I was typically better dressed that the average Parisienne. I think it was something about my attitude...perhaps it was because in my heart I felt that I belonged there.
I think that if you need a personal shopper in Paris you aren't adventurous enough because there are great stores everywhere. On the other hand it can sometimes be a bit difficult to shop there. Even I who spoke French had it out with a few shop girls who were a little unclear on what customer service meant!
I'd rather buy my clothes and accessories here (not to mention the low value of the dollar) and spend my moeney in cafes, bistros and restaurants in France.

Belle de Ville said...

Speaking of great stores in France, Amy Alkon has commented on one of my favorite stores, Monoprix which is sort of like the Target of France. You can buy everything from food to toothpaste to cashmire sweaters in one store. Perfect if you don't time to go store by store.

Badaude said...

also try here:

+ ibid (more or less)