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Tuesday, 13 November 2007


I have just discovered that the Celtic Sheepskin Company, which makes things out of sheep, and does an Ugg rip-off,* also sells sheepskin insoles, so you can have all the comfort of Uggs without the social embarrassment. You can even cut them to fit exactly the shape of your shoes, were you to have say, pointy toe boots. They cost £5 each (around $10), ship internationally, but note the sizes are UK and you'll have to convert. I'm not putting up a picture of what they look like because it's not terribly attractive but here they are

I have placed my order.

*Correction. The Celtic Sheepskin Company are the original Uggs. They sold the name to a US company who market them under the brand name Uggs Australia.


Linda Grant said...

I have been told:

'I have a pair of those in soles. The problem with them is you have to buy shoes a size bigger because they are so bulky. And they make your feet ridiculously hot. Consequently I never wear them.'

Dana said...

I know I must have been living under a rock to not have realized this, but along with your good shoes you need good socks. Wool, particularly SmartWool brand is wonderful. I haven't tried cashmere yet, but I'm sure when I do I'll never go back.

Soft, fluffy and warm! And they fit in your boots! What's not to love?

Paula from Melbourne said...

Noooo! Ugg is not a brand name! It's been used in Australia to describe those nasty fuzzy boots made by a range of manufacturers for years.
That's like trademarking the word "slipper"!
So, there can be no rip-offs of uggs, nor any brand with that name.