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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Not the West Wing

scene from In the Loop released Friday which I saw at a press screening today.


Arabella said...

The West Wing: the only science fiction I've ever enjoyed.

Lucie said...

Reminds me of The Thick of It

Iole said...

Hi, just discovered your blog and stopped by. Love it!
Come to vivis mine

desertwind said...

Nobody does palace intrigue as well as the Brits.

(I'm a huge fan of that stuff and can't wait to see this movie.) Did you review it, Linda?

Geraldine Ryan said...

It's based on The Thick of It, Lucie.

Penny said...

Going to see it tonight. Can't wait.

Jill (Polka Dot) said...

Hilarious! Loved The Thick of It (& West Wing, of course) & can't wait to see this. Did you review it? Just stumbled on your blog, and adding it to my 'nice things' list on mine. Will get your book soon as I get home to London.

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