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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Now here we have an outfit

I was completely unaware until this morning that amongst Michelle Obama's cousins there is a rabbi

And his everyday workwear takes some beating, let alone what he wore to the inauguration


Anonymous said...

You've got to admit that he's got some serious sartorial stuff going on there. One of the things being written about in the US about the extended Obama family is that, in many ways, they more closely resemble what families in the US actually look like and how they operate than probably any other First Family for the last 50 years - biracial, interracial, immigrant, cross cultural, multi-religious..the list goes on and on. Oh, and if nothing else, Americans will get to see a President and First Lady who actually are nuts for one another. NO more humiliating jokes from the president calling the first lady 'a lump' in bed.

Anonymous said...

Now I've really lost faith in the New York Times. I, a person who is in no way connected, heard this several months ago. I also heard that it was being kept under wraps.

I wasn't sure exactly why it was considered a liability, but someone on a website suggested to me yesterday that they were probably concerned about some kind "Jewish conspiracy" issue.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the September 2008 date of the NYT article. Strike my criticism.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read about the Rabbi relative back then - think it was in The Forward (A longstanding progressive Jewish paper from NYC) - hardly ZOG conspiracy proponents.

They are a lot more than biracial, considering the Indonesian connection. Obama has a Southeast Asian sister and family. And of course, an Irish ancestor!

They are more typical of many modern families, and not only in the US.

So, in terms of style, will the catwalk remain Baltic blonde?