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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

How to play a Hollywood Nazi

Not like this (above)

Like this


Phyllis said...

Tom looks likes like he's doing a costume test for "The Producers"

greying pixie said...

I've never found Tom Cruise anything but saccharin in looks, talent, charisma, personality and performance. Schindlers List was one of the most moving and brilliant films I've ever seen in my life. Utterly brilliant on all levels.

And whilst on the subject of Nazis, have you seen the film Conspiracy made for the BBC? Kenneth Brannagh et al also giving chilling performances that stay with you for a long time after.

I'll be passing on the Tom Cruise film - what's the point?

Anastasia said...

Tom Cruise can't get over his Tomcruisiness, he will always be Tom Cruise no matter in which role.
Stauffenberg is way over his head, not because he's a scientologist but because it's simply overwhelming his acting talent.

But there is also a large gap between Schindler and Stauffenberg. Schindler may have initially been somewhat Nazi-friendly, but Stauffenberg was a full-on true blood Nazi, you don't get to become general for nothing.
It's a whole different story, one tries to save innocent lifes, the other tries to murder a despot and fails in an epic way (heroes of epic failure are a really big german theme, by the way, from the times when Germany was a land of "poets and philosophers" and not what it is today).
Was Stauffenberg even an anti-fascist?
I think both movies can't be compared, neither can Schindler or Stauffenberg.

Anonymous said...

No one under 5"9 should leave the house wearing baggy breeches.

Geraldine Ryan said...

This Stauffenberg guy only fell out with Hitler when he started losing, didn't he? And Tom Cruise - I agree, what's the point?