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Friday, 14 November 2008

What to wear

By Lisa Armstrong, whose judgement I trust:

Checklist: Autumn/Winter 2008

1. High-waisted, 7/8th-length trousers. Try: Whistles.

2. Cropped jacket or blazer. Before buying, try it on with a pair of the above. You'll find that what complemented hipsters may not work with the new geometry. Try: Jigsaw.

3. Military or wrap coat or one with slit short sleeves for layering. Try: French Connection.

4. Concealed platform shoes or ankle boots - we're over bondage - and a pair of flats. Try: Office and Kurt Geiger.

5. Polonecks and other fine knits for layering and tucking into high waists. Try: Pure Cashmere and Hoss Intropia.

6. A leather jacket - biker style. Wear it with classic, simple pieces for extra edge. Try:Topshop.

7. A rococo-style necklace. Try: Mikey.

8. A narrow belt to thread through the loops of those high-waisted trousers. Try: Gap.

9. Longer-length skirts - either pencil-shaped or slightly gathered at the waist are the newest. If you can't bear calf or ankle-length, don't worry, knee-length refuses to die and there are even some minis. Try: Zara.

10. A fitted or semi-fitted sleeveless dress: this winter's sophisticated antidote to the put-it-away or give-it-away smock dress. Try: M&S Limited and Jigsaw.


Anastasia said...

And suddenly, my personal credit crunch drama isn't looking so drab anymore.
There is nothing on this list which I would want and even less that would look good on me. High waisted too short trousers?! Tucking in sweaters? Cropped blazers? Sleeveless dresses in winter - that is just plain silly.
Somehow, it's not so bad not having any money when there is nothing you would like to spend it on.

Deja Pseu said...

I'll second anastasia's "phooey", especially on those trousers, and sleeveless dresses.

Jane said...

I hate high waisted trousers. They make one's arse look as wide as the Gobi desert. I'll stick to my hipsters thanks.

However, I've just bought a delicious mulbery sweater from Brora. It smooths over my shoulders and softly rests on my hips. Wearing it makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Anastasia - you've said it for me! What are these people thinking? In my case the irony is that for the first time in years I might be able to afford some decent clothes....but I've found it impossible to find any that are likely to do anything for me whatsoever. Other than look like mutton dressed as lamb. Or a teletubby.

desertwind said...

Hoooo! ha! ha!

Tucking knits into high-waisted high-water trousers!

That was funny.

Thank goodness I've still got my 30 year old biker jacket.

Now I really don't need to buy this season.

greying pixie said...

Oh, I see. So what's happened to all those bloggers who had only negative things to say about high waisted trousers this summer? There was I fighting my lonely corner!

This is a perfect example of how a change in fashion styles takes time to permeat our psyches. (spelling - sorry!)

Personally, I find this list very bland. Thank heavens for women who don't need such things - it is they who make the world a more colourful place!

Duchesse said...

How much of this can be worn by over size 12 and 35 years old, and will be worn by the conformist who buys it a year from now?

Pointing women toward Topshop and Zara, where the clothes fall apart promotes disposable, wasteful consumption. Lisa Armstrong should know better.

miss cavendish said...

I actually have two items on this list: a navy Tahari military coat, which I bought about three years ago at Saks on a terrific January sale, and a new pair of gray Loeffler Randall cut-out hidden platform shoe/boots, which I have yet to wear because of their shocking price. But if I do decide to keep them, I think that their shape will endure, because that's a main consideration of mine when buying anything.

Tucking in sweaters, though: that's best left to Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally."

penny said...

Oh please, enough with the lists. The last time I had to wear a uniform I was still at school and having the length of my skirt checked by the gym mistress. Can't we just wear what we like?

Ms Baroque said...

I bought a high-waisted pencil skirt in Jigsaw in the summer - linen, but lined, and good with tights and jumpers in fact - and I've been living in it. I now have two, in fact. It's a size 16, I'm under 5'4", and I can assure you there will be no sweater-tucking, or indeed high-waisted trousers, in this house!

Aside from jeans I've given up on trousers. You can't beat a pair of black tights for simplicity, utility, and accentuating the nice bits.