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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Moi? Eccentric?

Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer

'Please don't write that I'm eccentric," says Vivienne Westwood, who is dressed in a holey black dress with what looks like bits of flesh-coloured tights woven in and out of it, a pair of scruffy old trainers and a knitted hat pulled over her hair, which is the colour of clementines. She has drawn her eyebrows on in red pencil. "It's always, 'aah, this eccentric woman'. I've heard that story so many times." She pauses and looks out of the window of her office. "I suppose I don't mind, I have to take it as a compliment in an age of conformity

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greying pixie said...

She is a bird of paradise. The absolute antithesis to the posting below. Long may she reign.

Lindsay said...

There was a long time (as a kid) when I thought 'full of herself' was a compliment and I still think it ought to be, especially when reading such a heavenly article about a properly individuated, creative woman. Hope I grow into being that full of myself one day.

phyllis said...

Oh I just love her. She's done for fashion what Andy Warhol did for art. She's been often imitated, but never duplicated.

Toby Wollin said...

Just...amazing. If I could look THAT good when I am her age, I would consider myself supremely lucky(even with the red eyebrows and tangerine hair)

Judith in Umbria said...

There comes an age when you must be a miracle like Helen Mirren, a character like Westwood, or invisible. Most women just go invisible.

greying pixie said...

judith, how can you say that living in Italy? Surely there is a country full of elegant well groomed older women with character!