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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Something wrong with the universe

New collection from Marks and Spencer*

New collection from Victoria Beckham

Available up to size 20


indigo16 said...

Absolutley, M&S = WTF.I applaud the thinking behind the collection, but I have a feeling the wrong outlet picked up the gauntlet here.
Mrs Beckham wins by a mile. I appreciate she must have had help despite her denials but even so that dress is beautiful, and I hope to see more.

rosaria said...

In our house, we love Vicky Beckham's frocks. They're stunningly elegant. Affording them, alas, is another matter.

At the other end of the scale, not even all the money in this universe should ever convince a size 20 woman to wear a red, spotted, halter neck mini dress.

Donate this misdemeanour to The Large Hadron Collider, the giant particle generator about to start its atom-smashing activities.

If the atom smashing goes wrong, the Earth may become a mass of grey goo and get swallowed up in black holes, say the doomsday predictions. The Hadron creators are hoping to recreate conditions similar to the Big Bang.

So let the physicists practice on size 20 red-spotted halter-neck dresses, flinging them through the Collider at the speed of light. A teeny weeny black hole would be a blessing.

Either that or donate the entire M&S collection to Taiwan's last existing brothel. Oh damn, can't do that. The 87-year-old pimp died today and the two remaining sex workers, aged 40 and 50, are now jobless because the Taiwanese government outlawed whorehouses and won't renew the business permit.

Thank you for being so patient, you may now talk among yourselves

miss cavendish said...

I'd shorten the VB dress--the proportion looks off to me--but I love the colors and simple style.

Ingrid said...

I was quite interested to see Victoria Beckham's statement at that she designed her dresses to be timeless. They're all that mid-calf length - surely a little long for timelessness?

Otherwise, they're very chic.

greying pixie said...

I see them very much as dresses she would wear herself which, in my mind, does not constitute a designer. I've no doubt she has great knowledge of the insides of couture dresses, she's been wearing them for long enough. The collection is quite pretty but nothing really special. It's the sort of thing I would expect from a first year fashion degree student before they've loosened up and really investigated their potential and built up their experience through making mistakes and learning from their peers.

If Stella McCartney, who was an excellent fashion student, has to hire in graduates for ideas and inspiration, then what hope has VB of sustaining a label? I would want to ask her many questions. What is her design ethos? What inspires her? What global issues concern her? The list would be endless.

And my last thought - in fashion there is no such thing as timeless. The only thing that is timeless is style which you cannot buy on a hanger at any price.

fran martini said...

Is this being touted as Victoria's debut collection? I've seen cocktail/evening/red carpet dresses with her label on them, for several months now, in a Sydney boutique close to where I live.