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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Harry Mentions Handbags

I notice that the Thoughtful Dresser hasn’t mentioned handbags recently.
I am stepping outside my comfort zone by venturing into this territory. I know little about the current mania for these rather expensive accessories.
However, on my recent trip to Paris I stayed with my old friend James. He has been resident there for ten years and offers consultancy to a number of businesses who require intelligent marketing input from an urbane Brit with several languages and a wealth of experience.
In comparing notes on each other’s current pre-occupations he informed me that he had recently been retained by an LA based brand, Romanek, purveyors of high fashion handbags.
I have to confess that this is a name that I wasn’t familiar with.
Anyhow, he e- mailed me recently and amongst other things told me that the new Romanek web site is up and running. And in the spirit of returning a favour I am drawing it to your attention.
I believe that the Thoughtful Dresser favours Anya Hindmarch.
But I gather that the Romanek ‘Rockstar’ ( above) is often to be seen at glitzy functions. And the Thoughtful Dresser will be attending a very prestigious one in a few weeks time. Congratulations from Harry.


Marian D said...

Hello Harry - for someone who doesn't know much about these rather expensive accessories you've cottoned on to a very current brand. Check out the Bag Snob's post on the Romanek clutch and its Chanel lookalike - and note the price difference!

greying pixie said...

I cannot say that the above handbag is my taste, but I was relieved to see, on a recent trip to Selfridges, that the era of the big gunky ugly bag has come to a close. I liked practically everything I saw of the new collections, especially Dior and amazingly for me, Louis Vuitton. After years in the wilderness I'm actually beginning to enjoy contemporary fashion again!

rb said...

I am with GP on this. I'm really glad to see the return of the more tailored bag.

I don't get clutches, though. I know you're supposed to use them for evening, when a shoulder strap would mess up the line of your ensemble. Realistically, though, most evening events I attend involve lots of standing and holding a cocktail and perhaps grabbing a small piece of food as caterers pass by, and I don't know how to do this if one of my hands is tied up with a clutch.

It's kind of like old blouses that button up the back - are these items only for very wealthy women who have maids to button their blouses (and hold their cocktails)?

stupid american fan said...

so sorry for this relevant comment and please remove it after reading it. i just saw your picture at your guardian article and i have a suggestion: i think you should change your hair style (or change that picture). i was expecting you to look much better than this since it seems you have a great sense of beauty. that picture is ugly, and it's not because of your face (which is beautiful indeed) but because of your hair style. maybe it's just a bad picture, i don't know. (again i apologize for my rudeness. i was just surprised and thought i should share this with you.)

Linda Grant said...

The picture is 12 years old