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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Lia takes a first step

Yesterday, my friend R. and Top Baby Lia (now aged two) met for lunch and then worked our way down Bond Street where R. bought a a dress in the Vivienne Westwood sale. In Nicole Farhi, while R. and I were trying things on, Lia found a pair of high heeled shoes, put them on and proceeded to walk confidently across the floor of the shop to the amazement of the staff and customers.

Without being told, Lia had understand that to walk in Difficult Shoes takes application and practise. It seems a shame that Louboutin does nothing for her age range.


phyllis said...

Work that skirt!

Deja Pseu said...

And Lia has fabulous taste in shoes, might I add. So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes... but can she run for a bus in them?

-- desertwind

KevinG said...

Oh ... sorry to be a sourpuss but when I read this I thought of this:

And I also thought of a programme a while back by Dawn French (I think) who floated the notion of gay designers making clothes for women with the bodies of young boys - after I'd got over the insult of the gay=paedophile undercurrent - and thinking she might have a point - I then thought if it's true why do women put up with it?

And then it's back to this post and it's all 'isn't it sweet how well the little one copes in such ludicrous shoes' ..

Sorry, shouldn't post after the pub ... do enjoy your blog though.


Bronwyn said...

You have to take into account that when your whole foot fits into the bottom part of the shoe, they are not quite so difficult to walk in. I have a vague recollection of what it felt like actually, which worries me - it's a sure sign of advanced age when you remember wearing your mother's shoes when you were small but not what you just came into the room for.

Very cute though.