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Monday, 18 August 2008

All is explained

Why does fashion regularly produce hideous fashions, when we were getting along so nicely with the trend for dresses and opaques?

You see, these sorts of people [fashion snobs] like to look different from the masses. Nothing wrong with that. Problems arise, though, from the fact that the masses often have quite sensible taste (with the exception of Ugg boots, but let's not talk about such distressing things on a Monday morning. Gladiator sandals are bad enough). Anyway, fashion snobs then have to find something that the masses don't like and don't wear - often, though, for a reason. Hence the sudden popularity of ridiculously high-waisted jeans over hipster versions among the Dazed & Confused types, and ditto for gladiator sandals over less Greco-Roman ones.


miss cavendish said...

Indeed there's a bit of the "emperor's new clothes" going on here--we *like* something hideous because someone ostensibly stylish is wearing it.

lagatta à montréal said...

Not to mention the part about the playsuit (egads!)

But, but, but. Still people recoil and, to be fair, there is a problem and it's one that can be called, in suitably capitalised form, The Bladder Issue. I'm not going to lie to you: going to the loo in these babies is an utter faff and a half, involving lots of behind-the-back arm action, your left arm craning back from underneath, your right one winching back over your shoulder, both trying to reach that damn zip to undo your playsuit so you can find the necessary relief. Yes, this is a down side. But really, it is one that a simple catheter could easily resolve. Come on, everyone, use your imaginations - do I have to sort out everything?

I couldn't imagine going anywhere in public where one would risk dirtying one's garment in a questionable loo while unzipping behind... The horror.

The woman in the pic has great legs and would look good in anything (except, perhaps, the silly little "bibi") - but I'd prefer the same fabric in a dress.

The gladiator sandals never caught on here much. Guess the too-short window of opportunity not to wear heavy boots in our climate does not favour heavy bands of leather in summer sandals.

Deja Pseu said...

Actually saw a young woman at the mall yesterday in what appeared to be cheap knockoffs of the gladiator sandals pictured, and all I could wonder was how long it takes to get those shoes on and off with all of the buckles.

Anastasia said...

Maybe it has also something to do with the strange and rare phenomenon: Some women (like Dita von Teese or arguably Kate Moss or any classic movie star like Rita Hayworth or Audrey Hepburn) will simply look good in anything.
Obviously even a playsuit.
So when we mere mortals see one of those I-can-wear-anything-and-look-fabulous-women in something really silly like Gladiator sandals, we think: When I wear this sandal, I will look fantastic, too!
Unfortunately, it doesn't work this way, because said women look good despite and not because of the silly thing.
Shame, really.

greying pixie said...

With regard to Hadley Freeman's article I'm reminded of a quote from the late, great Diana Vreeland - (I will have to paraphrase it as I don't have the book I read it in to hand) 'Don't worry about vulgarity, just as long as you avoid good taste'. Why Ms Freeman isn't writing for The Mail or Daily Express astounds me! And why she is writing about fashion at all leaves me totally bored as do her articles!

Fran Martini said...

I'm sure gladiator sandals looked quite charming on ancient Romans and Russell Crowe.

They will fill the sales bins, languish for an uncertain length of time, and then be possibly onsold to Ridley Scott, planning a biblical epic of massive proportions called Gladiator Returns, in which the cast of thousands will all require.....sandals