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Monday, 25 August 2008

I speak!

The excellent on-line magazine Nextbook has quite a long audio interview with me on the subject of The Clothes On Their Backs

I am now firmly of the opinion that you get a far better deal and better service from The Book Depository, which offers free shipping worldwide Though charging in £s, they have several fulfilment centres in the US


Judith van Praag said...

And so well!

Congrats finalist!

Great to have heard your voice. You sound pretty much the way I expected, while reading your memoir for instance I was reminded of my Scottish friend in L.A., whose family's story is similar to that of yours (as far as getting off the boat too early so to speak).

NextBook truly brings the authors to our home. I'm so sorry they no longer have a visiting author program in Seattle. You'd bring the house down, I'm sure.

Yes, for your words about about converts, that is so true.

Btw the Book Depository just had the U.S. Postal Services deliver The Clothes on Their Backs (thanks for that great tip!) so I'm in for another treat from your hand.

greying pixie said...

And I also heard you on Woman's Hour last week which prompted me to visit your website, where I was very interested to read an extract from your book on living with your mother's dementia. As my mother-in-law is now showing similar symptoms, both my husband and I will be reading your book as soon as we find it on Amazon.

Funny how one thing leads to another - but that's life for you.

Judith van Praag said...

Greying Pixie,
Yes, Remind Me Who I Am Again will be a good companion for you and your husband.
Linda Grant may help you see the humor in certain instances, and to feel compassion for your M.I.L. as well as yourselve(s). The one thing you can be sure of in life is that everything changes (eventually).

I don't know whether it makes a difference out where you live but I'd suggest you try the Book Depository.

They'll ship a book to you (wherever in the world) for free, and they let you compare prices (with among others Amazon) on their site.

This allow readers in the U.S. such as me, to buy an English title that hasn't been published in the U.S. yet, without coughing up prohibitively high postage.

gp said...

Thank you judith. I have just found the book on amazon for under £1 from a British seller.

Judith van Praag said...

Hello Doc,
Can't beat that, a pound worth of reading is nothing to pull your nose up at. Still, if the book was for sale for under one pound, chances are it's probably a preview copy (a freebie from the publisher to a paid reader). And while you'd have a hard time catching me buying clothes for the full price, and I'm all for a good deal, when it comes to books, I try to remember buying heavily discounted books deprives the author from royalties (which, believe me are nothing close to Royal). This said, I won't pass a good deal when it hits me in the face either. So, happy reading to you!!

I think the Book Depository is particularly good for people in the US who want to get their hands on something that's been published in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, but not yet available in the US.

Mary said...

Appeal to Linda - are any of your books published in Hebrew, by any chance? I've looked online and can't find any info on this. Have an Israeli sister-in-law who can read English, but feels she misses a lot and so prefers to read books in her own language. Perhaps I should get her to check Israeli websites........?

Linda Grant said...

No, there are no Hebrew translations of any of my books.

greying pixie said...

judith, I did not mention before, the book I have ordered on amazon is secondhand, ie. used, so there would be no royalties involved in this case.