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Saturday, 26 July 2008

What women want

Valentino AW08/09 couture show


Kelly said...

I loooove how ethereal this is compared to most other catwalks

greying pixie said...

It's beautiful. I just can't wait for the trickledown effect, ie. to a level of the market I can afford!

Arabella said...

Lovely. So many interesting necklines, some even flattering and kind! I liked every shade. Sigh.

Susan said...

Hmm, to me it just looked like a line of emaciated women. I know that it's the norm in the fashion industry, but I still found it shocking. That's probably one of the reasons I can't get terribly worked up about high fashion. And they looked so grumpy - as well they might if they never eat a square meal.

Elle said...

Here is a couple of comments on this collection from the "sewists" point of view.,
I personally like it well enough and would not necessarily be quite so critical of the workmanship (unless I was paying for the clothes of course), but I find it interesting that people who are traditionally seen as second rate in this area i.e. the home sewer, are finding fault with the couturier for substandard work.

Arabella said...

Re Susan's comment: I had to avoid looking at the knees of the models wearing short garments - avoided legs altogether - because they seemed the thickest part of the entire leg. Truly painful to see. Then of course the feet look monstrous. Only one model had a face mature enough to be wearing any of the clothes without looking like a toddler clomping about in her mother's best frock and heels.
Takes quite an effort to concentrate on the clothes with all that horror going on doesn't it?!