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Sunday, 15 June 2008

I am an Aquarius

Donna Karan has designed a series of astrological handbags.

Often she is so excited she speaks in crazy free-association sentences. For example, when talking about her decision to create astrology-themed bags, she says, 'I don't know anybody who doesn't go right to the astrology page to see. Everybody needs the support. What's today about? Because, quite honestly, we are not the masters. It is all mapped out. If you ask me, "How come bags?" I say, "I don't know. Why did he decide that now is the time for bags?"' (He, presumably, being God.)Karan's personality is so wacky and unbridled that it freaks some people out. 'Donna's a little koo-koo,' says her best friend Barbra Streisand. However, most people put up with it because she is probably the most powerful woman in American fashion today.

Here is the Libra bag - so what do you do if you're a Libra and you prefer the Capricorn bag?
Actually, I'm rather fond of Donna and wish I could afford one of her main collection dresses. And obviously I'm all i n favour when a nice Jewish girl with a big bum waxes rich and powerful by her own efforts and creativity (rather than marrying a nice Jewish boy with a big bum)


Anonymous said...

Well I'm a Libran and I'd be so thrilled to get that! I don't even feel the need to look at the others!

phyllis said...

Well, if you've had your chart done and know your rising sign then you acutally have *two* choices :)

(A Gemini with a Leo rising sign whose 50th birththday is next Friday)

metscan said...

Would be nice to see the rest of the collection.

Duchesse said...

DK has good commercial instincts. Wish she had not rendered herself almost unrecognizable with her facial "work". If only she'd let lines come and showed the rest of us all it takes to look great is her clothes.

e said...

wonder what the taurean bag looks like?

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much they cost! *Sighs* A girl can dream.


Mind you, I'd rather not have that bag and look like me than have the bag and have a face like hers. Self-inflicted, too.

Belle de Ville said...

I think the bag is hideous. Did Donna actually design it or someone on her design staff? For some reason I doubt that she actually does much of the design work anymore.