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Sunday, 18 May 2008

The best face cream on the market, Definitely.

It says, here.


greying pixie said...

You know you're growing old when you stop believing in the next big promise and stick to what you've found works best for you. Personally I would never use anything on my face that wasn't used in a salon and that I couldn't discuss with a competent beauty therapist.

California Dreamer said...

Perhaps I am not growing old as fast as I thought I was, because I'm seriously thinking of trying this. Olay's price point makes an experimental jar more a fling than an investment.

Not that I don't get your point, greying pixie. My most recent foray into skin experimentation (a tinted moisturizer with anti-aging blah blah blah) dried out my skin, so I have returned to my trusty Clinique.

For now.

Anonymous said...

The cream may be good, but I'm not sure the claims are outrageous enough for me. I like to buy creams that promise to make me look at least 15 years younger in 2 weeks.

Duchesse said...

Wasn't this the raison d'etre of the (original) Body Shop: to not make outrageous promises?

Deja Pseu said...

I'm still skeptical. Every time I've tried the new Olay "wonder cream" du jour, it's sat on top of my skin like a sticky film.

NancyF said...

You know the expression "hope in a jar"? (The skincare company Philosophy even trademarked it.) That's what they're all selling. Personally, I keep my expectations low and I'm never disappointed. Olay Total Effects with sunscreen suits me just fine, and the price is right. On the other hand, I've never had problematic skin--never seen a dermatologist, don't know what a "beauty therapist" is.