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Friday, 4 April 2008

Who wrote this?

The Court of Appeal decides

I was 16 in the summer this was released, and no other song can take me straight back to that time and give me goose bumps, as if I were time travelling


Deja Pseu said...

"Simple Sister" is my favorite Procol Harum song. But "Whiter Shade" is pretty good too. Robin Trower went on to do some good solo work too.

phyllis said...

Amazing, isn't it, how songs do that? Certain smells do that for me too. In Boston each spring, on the first really warm day, there is a certain fresh ocean smell that come soff teh harbor and it always makes me think of my stint on the The Big Apple Circus.

60 Going On 16 said...

It's June 4, 1967; I'm 19, just four weeks married and at the Savile Theatre, London, with my then husband. (He was working for Lee Bender of Bus Stop at the time and that summer I had more fab clothes than I would ever have imagined possible.) We're there to see Jimi Hendrix and the opening act is Procol Harum making their concert debut.

What was it Wordsworth said?
'Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
But to be young was very heaven ...'

dana said...

Oh, golly y'all: Everybody wants to rule the world, Tears for Fears, 1985,