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Friday, 4 April 2008

Mary goes shopping

Readers with long memories may remember the Christmas party I went to when Kate Moss's make-up artist Mary Greenwell said that if I came and sat down on the sofa she'd re-do my make-up. Here is Mary in the Guardian today on her life in shopping,


What do you take in your makeup bag when you travel?

A La Prairie moisturiser, a Chanel Silhouette lipstick, a Sisley mascara and a Guerlain bronzer and concealer. With those things, you'll always look made up.


phyllis said...

I use that Guerlain concealer, it’s an excellent product

Linda Grant said...

Tell us more, Phyllis.

Diane said...

i went and bought the chanel lipstick after you posted a few months ago and i love it - perfect all the time color.

phyllis said...

I’m wearing it right now actually, and it still looks as good as it did when I applied it 8+ hours ago. The package design is as good as the product. It comes in a twister dispensing tube with a brush on the end (just like Stila lip gloss). The brush is soft and allows for a very targeted application. The formula is smooth, creamy and it has a filler that works for fine lines and crepey skin, however it does not cake. It’s called Guerlain Issima Precious Light Smoothing Illuminator. Sephora has a detailed description on their web site.