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Monday, 28 April 2008

Speaking truth to power

Corinne Grant (definitely no relation) writes:

A truly ready-to-wear outfit would assemble itself, slink out of the wardrobe and leap on to your body the moment you stepped out of the shower. A ready-to-wear outfit would never crease, never stain, never need washing or dry-cleaning or ironing. It would have the good grace to expand and contract according to your size so that you would never know that you'd put on weight. I would happily pay good money for that.

I haven't attended a fashion festival this year. For a start, I don't own anything clean and, secondly, I always get the uniform wrong. The last time I endured one I wore a lovely broderie anglaise frock in black with ruffles all through the skirt. Everyone else was wearing jeans tucked into their boots and pashminas. I thought standing out was what I was supposed to do but apparently I had completely missed the point. This is the fashion rule I've never really grasped: to truly capture that individual look you are supposed to look like everybody else.

Maybe it's just me, but fashion festivals seem to be high school all over again, just with a $1000 price tag.

(What's a 'fashion festival'?)

courtesy of Norm


Anonymous said...

Only a $1000, she's getting it cheap - Great article and I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

It's not what you wear it's the way that you wear it. How does the song go?

Belle de Ville said...

High School all over again... What a great comment.

tiffany said...

Corinne Grant is an unfunny Australian comedienne who is also well-known for her lack of sartorial prowess. Despite her comments about standing out, she's become thinner and blonder every year since she started appearing on television (in Oz), so I take her 'outsider's' perspective with more than a pinch of salt.

Anonymous said...

Good to have an insider view, tiffany! I never believe these women when they go on at great lengths about how poorly they fit in etc. They're usually very glamorous. Women who don't 'look the part' don't really want to broadcast it, do they? They just want to hide in a corner or not even make an appearance in the first place. I don't know what a fashion festival is either. Can no one enlighten us?


/anne... said...

Corinne Grant wrote the article because Australian Fashion Week is on in Sydney at the moment.

Oh, and if you check out the photos on there will be HEAPS of dresses next summer!