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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Thoughtful Dresser on the road

My apologies for the intermittent posts here. A combination of the publication The Clothes On Their Backs, London Fashion Week and my imminent departure on 25 February for a tour of Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong have curtailed my time.

Fuller details of events will be going up on my main website in a day or two. For those of you in Singapore, there will be a book talk and signing under the auspices of the British Council at the Arts House on 26 February. Full details are here, and advance registration by email is required. This will be followed by a series of media interviews the following day: with Channel News Asia Prime Time Morning (live) at 9.20 am, then with the Straits Times, Business Times, Harpers Bazaar Singapore.

I will also be doing some bookshop events in Melbourne, as well as the main Adelaide Festival.

There are no events planned for Hong Kong, but if any regular readers of this site would like to take me shopping, make your presence known!


swyatt said...

Hello Linda
I live in Hong Kong, and would love to show you some fab places.


Linda Grant said...

Sarah, if you'd like to contact me at lindagrantblog[at], perhaps we could fix something up

Jo said...

I must say I have the impression that many French couture houses are now designing for the slimmer/more willowy/smaller-boned Chinese market.

Wait till you see how these these Chinese girls look in European fashions. Amazing. Super-fantastic, as Manolo would say!