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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Five things to wear so you know it's 2008

1. Belts. Every wardrobe requires a repertoire. Last year’s were wide and blingy; this year’s are thin and understated.

2. Shoes. Bright colour and chunky are the bywords here. If there’s a new way to waft, it’s to do a semi-waft by toughening up pretty dresses with aggressive-looking shoes.

3. Bags: they’re definitely getting smaller. Some could even be classified as small.

4. If you’re bored with necklace mania, take heart. Now there’s bangle and cuffs mania.

5. Not just full, but really full skirts – the antidote to last year’s drainpipes. Wear with ballet pumps.

courtesy of the usually right Lisa Armstrong


enc said...

I was just reading the latest (US) issue of Harper's Bazaar, and Glenda claims that bags are getting "bigger" —bigger versions of last season's/year's 'IT' bags.

I'm all confused!

Toby Wollin said...

Smaller Belts and bags: Works out for me because I'm short -- the whole big belt and big bag thing didn't work really well for me anyway.

Brightly colored shoes - check..I already had red shoes on my list for "look for these" this year anyway. I'd put green ones on also, just to see if anything pops up.
Bangles and cuffs - since I work at a desk at a computer, this never works for me - I end up smashing them into my wrists as I type, so I'll pass on this one.
Really full skirts. Mmmm - well, I'll pass on this one also, since this puts me into "Romanian Grandma" territory pretty quickly.
I'm going to work the color trend by making a couple of new skirts and dresses in brighter colors. I already have a red bag and a blue bag, so with some red shoes, I think I'm good to go.

l said...

Some skirts shaped with gores can have the nice movement of full skirts without imposing the Romanian or Mezzogiorno peasant look on those of us who are short and have full hips.