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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Everybody's talking about

It says here

6: Linda Grant's The Clothes On Their Back

A gorgeous fashion-y novel with incredible soul, which isn't out until next month, but we strongly advise you to buy it the moment it is, because it's well cool. The woman who bought you fashion blog ('because you can't have depths without surfaces') delivers an exquisite, moving (and we suspect, autobiographical)* number, which describes a sensible, credible love affair with style - and the people who have it (Little, Brown).

*You suspect wrong


Phyllis said...

Linda will I be able to get your new book in the states? It's still not yet on US Amazon.

Linda Grant said...

You would have to order it from It does not as yet have a US publisher.

diane said...

i've been reading your blog now for at least 6 months and i love it - i would like a signed copy of your book but i am in the states any thoughts?

Linda Grant said...

The blog has only been going for just over two months - does it feel like six months?

That's a tricky one. Usually signed copies are done at author events and I can't think of any way you could buy one online that's signed. You might want to email the publisher and see if they can sort something out. The contact details are here

But I am about to launch a little contest for a signed copy

diane said...

i guess so! i sent you a message a while ago regarding a perfume blog - i can't believe it was only 2 months - oh well - i suppose it's all a bit timeless

i'll be in london in june - i'll figure it out then