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Monday, 17 December 2007

V&A jewellery gallery to open in May

A press pack from the V&A arrives with details of the opening, in May of the new William and Judith Bollinger Gallery which will tell the story of European jewellery during the past 800 years. There will be jewelled pendants given by Elizabeth I to her courtiers, diamonds worn by Catherine the Great, the Beauharnais Emeralds which Napoleon gave to his adopted daughter, and tiaras worn by the Empress Josephine. And Lady Mountbatton's 'tutti frutti' ruby sapphire, emerald and diamond bandeau, bought from Cartier in 1928.

In the unlikely event of you not possessing any world-ranking jewels, the V&A shop is commissioning several new ranges, affordable by the likes of us .

And if you can't get to London, buy the catalogue.


Shefaly said...

The big question is whether these pieces will be commissioned in 18-carat gold... You see I am of Indian origin. Any less than that and we do not want any part of it ;-)

lagatta à Montréal said...

I clicked on the V&A site and landed on a wonderful exhibit on postwar couture. My mum always told me that was when women's fashions were the prettiest.

Of course, mum had the "full bust", and "cinched-in-waist", and hips, and had the gift of being relatively tall...

Perhaps I missed that earlier on in this blog.