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Monday, 17 December 2007

Pure Cashmere

A few weeks ago I wrote about one of my favourite things to wear, indeed what I'm wearing right now, Pure Cashmere. I've bought several brands of cashmere sweater but Pure do the best range of styles, best fit, softest wool, and crucially, the best colours, because they dye the yarn not the garment.

I'm delighted that Pure is now an advertiser on this site. Indeed they have a 20 percent off promotion at the moment, see the banner up top or side panel at the right. And of course if you order your sweater from this site, then I can buy another.

They do ship to the US, according to one of my regular readers.


enc said...
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enc said...

Pure DO ship to the US, I will confirm.

I have at least half a dozen sweaters from Pure, and I love them.

The customer service is brilliant, returns are no problem, the quality is excellent (no pilling, no shrinkage when hand-washed), and the cuts are superb.

I recommend them.

Linda Grant said...

I have had a look at the site and the options are UK, US and rest of world. I'm glad to get this corroboration. Thank you enc.

Thomas said...

I hope all this advertising is going towards something amazing.

Seems the problem with the banner has spread to the rest of the site - dead jpegs abound.

Linda Grant said...

Thomas, could you descibe in more detail the 'dead jpeg' situation? I will try to fix anything that is not working.

Thomas said...

It might be my browser, but several of the pictures on your site appear merely as little red x's - dead jpegs. For example, the sequinned iPod cover does not show for me.

Again, it could just be my browser.

Linda Grant said...

Hmm. That's a new one. I have two PCs, one operating XP and the other Vista. The XP doesn't show several ads, the other shows everything, but I haven't heard of the dead jpeg situation before. On the other hand, on the Bag Snobs site sometimes I can't see any pictures at all.