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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Tim Gunn, on the street

There are several reasons to watch this interview with Tim Gunn: one is to see the daughter of some friends of mine ask a pertinent question about skirt lengths, another is to hear his explanation of why New York is the most fashion forward city in America. It's about the street and the subways. They're runways on which people dress to be seen. And Italy, of course, with its highly ritualised passagiata, has the best dressed women in the world.


Anonymous said...

Tim, Tim, Tim. Nice man; total windbag. Why anyone would take fashion advice from someone who dresses like he works at Goldman Sachs I'll never know. Here is a guy who went from being the chair of the fashion department of a small, albeit prestigious, design school to the executive floor of one of the worlds biggest fashion conglomerates. How can anyone take him seriously? Phyllis

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Ha, Mo Rocca actually does a semi-serious interview! I never thought it would happen. Nice interview Mo, you should try it more often!

Teresa said...

LOL - I thought it was fun. If I was more ambitious, I would watch the show. Sadly I forget when things are on television, so I haven't seen it.

Meg from The Bargain Queen & All About Appearances said...

Interesting idea, that the presence of sidewalks and subways and other "run ways" influence people's fashion decisions.

That does sort of explain the lack of fashion in much of the U.S. I can't help but think about my husband saying, "No one's going to see me" when he went out the other day in a torn up shirt to get some flower pots. Of course people were going to see him, but only where he's going, which was a very casual place (though I think he was sub-casual at that point).

Then I have to wonder, though, why we still have so many gals at the local mall in flip flops and gym shorts riding up their butts (with stupid sayings across their butt), topped off by too tight, too short t-shirts with equally inane sayings and their bellies hanging out. Maybe they think they are showing off their assets and want to be seen that way... but they should take a look in the 360 mirror.

brooksie said...

Anon 23:36...LOL, you're a brave person to say that about Tim Gunn, but it's all true. Charming man I'm sure, but everything you said is on point.

Gina said...

I don't mind that TG now works for a large fashion conglomerate. What I mind is how mediocre the fashions are. I worked there, and I was very hush-hush about "working in fashion" because LC seems laughable as a fashion label.