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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Thought for the day

remember us?

The same costume will be
Indecent . . . 10 years before its time
Shameless. . . 5 years before its time
Outre (darling) . . . 1 year before its time
Dowdy . . . 1 year after its time
Hideous . . .10 years after its time
Ridiculous . . . 20 years after its time
Amusing . . . 30 years after its time
Quaint . . . .50 years after its time
Charming . . .70 years after its time
Romantic . . . 100 years after its time
Beautiful . . . 150 years after its time

James Laver

1 comment:

Toby Wollin said...

I will freely admit, right now, here in print (or perhaps it's electrons) that I actually like shoulder pads. Not huge ones, but certainly a good strong half-inch. I am short and female. I need all the assertiveness I can get. I am also a little bit thick in the waistline, so anything that creates the illusion of a triangle makes me look just a little more elegant, I think.
I'm one of those people who is still putting velcro shoulder pands in her sweaters.