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Friday, 7 December 2007

Largerfeld in London

Kaiser Karl held a dinner at Nobu in London last night to celebrate his 25 years with Chanel, and his first ever London catwalk show. He was interviewed on the news last night, and I rather thought the old pot belly was reforming itself over the ribs.

Here he is with Kylie

The talons of death clutch at the arm of the living

And here's a suit from the show

Grouse shooting at Balmoral outfit


Toby Wollin said...

Given the focus that Langerfeld seems to have on covering up the two places that show age first (the neck and the hands), I have to imagine that he dresses in the dark, showers in the dark, and never looks at himself in the mirror until he has his "armor" on. Age - it takes us all, Karl..even you.

Anonymous said...

In his dotage he becomes more like Mademoiselle every year. Phyllis