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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Things I don't like

. . . and neither, it seems, does the Manolo

Yes, we know, Tattooed Person, you are the outrageous rebel who must express your rebellious nature through the medium of permanent self-mutilation…you and 45 million other Americans.


Cristina said...

I can't imagine anyone really likes poorly-done tattoos. I have to assume those who have bad tattoos (and, sadly, many more have bad ones than good) either hate them or don't realise how bad they truly are. As a tattooed woman (with lovely, well-executed tattoos, if I do say so), I'm obviously partial to them and bristle a bit at the tattoo-bashing, but it's something I'm accustomed to at this point. And I certainly don't think of myself as a rebel because I have tattoos. I have chosen to get tattooed simply because I like the way my body looks with them. There's no deep meaning to them, no sob story, no desire to shock or scandalise; I just like tattoos.

Harriet said...

I believe that the tattoo shown is backwards.

adele geras said...

Yup!Translated means: I am my beloved and he is mine...from the Song of Songs...I'm with the Manolo and the Thoughtful Dresser on the matter of tattoos.

enc said...

Five years ago, I got two tattoos. I've regretted that decision for the past five years.

I thought about getting them for five years before I got the work done. I created very personal, non-trendy designs. I placed them discreetly, so that they would be unseen, unless I was starkers or in my bikini. I was sober when the work was done. I took all the precautions.

Or so I thought.

STILL regretting it.

Anonymous said...

As much as I'll defend to the death anyone's personal decision to have as many tattoos as they wish, I have say they look really bad once youth fades away and one succumbs to the wrinkles and sagging of age.

Plus - when it comes to fashion - they just don't seem to work with anything other than bathing suits. Too distracting for me.