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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Other shoe matters

A new blog is born. Off Tha Cuff (Things that feed my soul and eat my pockets), a young person of my acquaintance, who might just have the inherited the Grant family motto only the rich can afford cheap shoes, launches his new site where all matters male footwear are considered from the perspective of a young-man-about-London-town.

Take a taste:

There's no doubt that I have so many pairs because I love trainers, because I'm materialistic, and because they're all part of forming identity. Its ironic that by trying to stand out from others we buy into brands that seem to represent individuality, yet end up wearing the uniforms of non-conformity. I suppose if i really wanted to be different I should buy shoes made out of Hemp and crafted on a commune in Oregan buy some guy called 'Star' or 'Astro-Belt', but the rain in London doesn't really suit the "I foraged for my footwear" style.

(The spelling and punctuation fascist will be visiting the blog as soon as the blogger wakes up)

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