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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Kate Moss demonstrates her command of current affairs

Kate Moss meets possibly the future prime minister and mistakes him for a plumber

David Cameron,* the Conservative leader, has told how he was recently mistaken for a plumber by the model Kate Moss.

The pair were introduced by Sir Philip Green, the billionaire businessman who owns Topshop, at a charity dinner. A star-struck Mr Cameron had no idea what he should talk about, so instigated a conversation about flood damage.

The model was so impressed with his knowledge that she asked him for his phone number so that she could ask his advice on drainage.

. . .

"I went to a charitable dinner the other night and Philip Green came up to me and said, 'Would you like to meet Kate Moss?' So I said, 'Well, of course I'd like to meet Kate Moss.' I went over to her table and, on the way over, I thought, what on earth am I going to say?

"And I remembered she actually has a house in my constituency - and we'd had these terrible floods in west Oxfordshire.

"So I said: 'Very nice to meet you, very sorry about the flooding in your house. I know your local pub has been flooded, I've been to see the publican and I know you like to go to the pub and so I know it's going to re-open in six months.'

"So I went on like this and she turned around and said: 'God, you sound like a really useful guy, can I have your phone number?'

"I went back to my table and said: 'The good news is, I met Kate Moss and she wanted my telephone number. The bad news is, I think she thinks I'm something to do with drainage'."

* Cameron's wife, Samantha, is creative director of Smythson, which makes this:

The It bag of the season.


Anonymous said...

What a nice story. I guess this is a blond bimbo tale. This just shows how self-centered you can be.

Anonymous said...

hahahaa, i could insert some snarky comment about models/blonds/etc... but i know i have a more embarassing foot-in-mouth story or two... not to mention the fact, i'm not a model (duh) nor am i blonde, nor have i taken any drugs/or alcohol recently. rendering me completely excuseless.
; )

great story.