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Monday, 2 February 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

North London goes for a minimalist palette
This is so exciting. The most snow we have had for 18 years in London and it is still snowing. There are no buses and not much underground service either, and our London parks are full of people tobogganing.

This evening there will be an all-comers snowball fight in Trafalgar Square

In Regent's Park


chris said...

it looks gorgeous. i always enjoy the quiet after a big (snow)storm.

Toby Wollin said...

I got an IM from my daughter in London telling me that London Transport is shutting down everywhere, which is sort of scary. Of course, being from Upstate NY, she is looking out and saying, "What's the big deal here? We get this at home on a weekly basis in the winter.." She forgets that in Upstate NY, every little township highway dept. is equipped with trucks with giant plow blades on the front.

mq, cb said...

Toby's right; the big problem is that we're not prepared because this is so unusual. How many people in the UK know how to drive in proper snow or what to do if their cars break down in really cold weather? Unless you ski or climb mountains, who has proper cold weather clothing? Best to stay in and watch it all falling gently outside through the window.

lagatta à montréal said...

Linda has a beautiful warm coat. That said, I can ill imagine the Thoughful Dresser with crampons attached to her soft leather boots.

The main problem isn't warm clothing, as I doubt it is very cold with that soft heavy snow, and southern England does get a lot of damp cold, but more what to put on your feet. Alas we have to wear boots that are really damaging to our fashion cred, unless we have a car or taxi picking us up and dropping us off at the door.

I can't figure out why the Underground is not operating.

But the priority is for emergency vehicles to be able to get through.

Yes, it is silly to judge the situation by comparing it with Upstate NY, Boston, Toronto or Montréal, among the snowy places you have readers.

That is a beautiful terrace. I have wrought-iron balconies like that, common here, but they aren't as large. I'm looking forward to seeing the photogalleries of famous London monuments under the soft white snow.

Wendy said...

So pretty!

dana said...

That looks like gorgeous wet fluffy snow, perfect for making lacy tree branches and snowballs! I guess all the kids are home from school? Have a marvelous time sledding!

StyleSpy said...

I so enjoy snow that is a few thousand miles from me - I've been getting gorgeous pictures from a friend in London all morning. But it's about 14C & sunny here in Austin, which suits me just fine.

desertwind said...


One thing to make your snow mushing more enjoyable is to put plastic bags (bread bags good) held up with rubber bands over your socks & tucked in trousers before you put on your boots. (that's what I did when we had a surprise 18 inches of snow out in the Mojave Desert just before christmas)

Fashion be damned!!!

Ya got good provisions in? goin' to the snowball fight?

phyllis said...

Those are mighty fine snowmen!

Sean Nye said...

My Celvin Klein boy shorts let me down today. My other half swears by Peter Storm... I await delivery while I defrost... (see you at Juddah's Private View?)