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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Enter the trophy jacket

Here's a lovely little video of Jess Cartner-Morley, the Guardian's fashion editor, trying on trophy jackets.

The trophy jacket is this year's It bag, you see.


Anonymous said...

The Marks & Spencer jacket was cute, the Philip Lim one was the pick of the crop for me. It does make me ask the question though, are we really still buying into what we are told is the IT item of the season? Is it an age thing, that now I just dismiss such proclamations?

sallymandy said...

I wish that in this season of economic hardship, the "It" item could be something like a pair of socks.

phyllis said...

The M&S jacket rides up in the back because the back length is too short for her and the Etro jacket had a bound buttonhole that appears to be incorrectly made, a huge ripple(!) is visible at center front when the jacket is shown buttoned on the hanger, shame on them. The Philip Lim jacket was sublime and I loved it!

greying pixie said...

I agree with Phyllis regarding the hang of the M&S jacket. I still think Hobbs are the best bet for reasonably priced Chanelesque jackets.

And I really don't think that M&S jacket falls into the category of 'trophy' as you would be sick of the sight of it after a season. To me, a trophy jacket is like a Chanel or Hermes handbag; ie. something you might have to save to ages to buy but that really will take you anywhere. A classic Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo, or a slimline Armani, or a softly tailored Chanel.

Geraldine Ryan said...

I prefer the boyfriend jacket for my shape - these are far too short. I don't know either, when I would ever wear a jacket any more since I work from home.

Plus, right now I just want to wear things to keep me warm and if I had a jacket like one of those on I'd still need a bit thick overcoat on top and a jumper and thermal underneath. As long as it's this cold fashion is relegated to the back of my wardrobe. Roll on spring!

miss cavendish said...

I'll take the Philip Lim jacket and although I usually love Etro, the color of this piece didn't do anything for me. I wish there had been my beloved Balmain band jacket in the mix!