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Monday, 12 January 2009

Propping up the dollar

Despite the pound's dismal performance against the dollar, the sight of racks of clothes at 70 per cent off before Christmas at the Chevy Chase branch of Saks defeated my no shopping resolution.

Before and after the Mexico trip I bought two sweaters by a a brand unknown to me, Magaschoni, who make amazing, interesting knitwear. I got a grey and silver flecked zip up cardigan and a black one with fringed collar and cuffs. I feel as if I'm fiddling while Rome burns but the echoing, empty floors of Saks made me also feel rather guilty. No-one was buying anything and the bargains were so great.

A closed down shop is a depressing sight, and that Chevy Chase Saks always makes me feel as if I have returened to the womb.

Meanwhile Pure caashmere (see banner above) is 60 per cent off


Anonymous said...

I find the Chevy Chase Saks depressing even when times are good.

Duchesse said...

Saks is in trouble and I fear the worst. BlueFly has some lovely Magaschoni pieces on sale.

Rubi said...

I have to wonder how retailers will ever get us to pay higher prices when things get back to "normal." I've been loading up on summer and winter clothes (mostly replacing items that I "ungrew" after weight loss) at an average of 70% off. Example: a J. Jill linen sundress, original price $90, for which I paid $13.75 (which, as my mom pointed out, is probably what they paid the Chinese factory for it!).

Bobbi said...

Saks just dropped another of their famous 'Buy some Get some' emails in my inbox. This one is online only, but in January!?

Apocalypstick said...

A dear friend of mine does the window displays at the Chevy Chase Saks. There were massive layoffs company-wide this past week. Things are not good there (but they are taking comfort that things are even worse at Neiman Marcus, down the street). And I have no idea how Jimmy Choo, Vuitton, et al can survive in that new posh strip mall between the two anchor stores. Washington is supposed to be recession-proof!