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Monday, 19 January 2009

Mattel's Nigerian Barbie

As Barbie turns fifty this year, her protean qualities are revealed

Lots more here

Contrary to WASPy appearances, by the way, Barbie is Jewish

Donna Karan Barbie


tynegal said...

Hooray for Barbie, who gave girls of all ages the right to wear PINK!

Deja Pseu said...

My mother wasn't crazy about Barbie, but bought me one anyway in 1962 when I was five years old. I credit/blame Barbie for my obession with clothes and fashion, though not for my body dysmorphia.

LOVE the DK Barbie!!!

Duchesse said...

About time. When my work group sponsored Christmas last year for an immigrant family from Africa, I search to find an ethnic doll. I finally found a baby doll but suspect the Nigerian Barbie would have been much more appreciated.

christa weil said...

Dude, you can take Barbie out of the Valley, but, like, you can't take the Valley Girl out of Barbie?

Wait. Did I get that backwards? Whatever.

lagatta à montréal said...

The quality and scale of some of those tiny garments and accessories - handbags! - are remarkable though, like the French fashion dolls sent to the courts of Europe in centuries past.

I want the Dior New Look one. Remember my mum always waxing nostalgic about that being the most beautiful fashion period in history - didn't hurt that she was a beautiful young woman at the time, and a very skilled seamstress to copy the styles.

If the Donna Karan doll had been raven haired, it would have channelled Monica...