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Friday, 9 January 2009


An Israeli friend, Etgar Keret, author and film director, has this to say in the LA Times and it expresses my own feelings exactly. I have nothing further to add

Is there anything in the proportionality principle that can rationally justify killing of any kind?

The motives of vengeance, which drive us to kill those who have killed people we love, are completely irrational, even if we try to wrap them in rational packaging. We exact vengeance because we hate and are hurting, not because we excel in mathematics and logic. Early in the aerial bombing of Gaza, five young girls from the same family were killed, and many more children have died on both sides of the border in recent years. The attempt to introduce their bodies into an equation that would make their deaths justifiable or comprehensible might be necessary to influence current events, but it is still enraging.

The only equation I can wholeheartedly accept is one whereby zero bodies appear on either side of the equation. And until that time comes, I'll choose outcry and protest that appeal solely to the heart. I shall reserve my appeals to the mind for better times.


StyleSpy said...


Linda, I read "The Clothes on Their Backs" over the holidays and wanted to tell you how very much I loved it. It was a wonderful refuge during a time of great stress (I moved my mother from her home of 30 years 600 miles to the city where I live) and I enjoyed every page.

Duchesse said...

Thank you for this quote, I have nothing to add either other than to think you for publishing it.

Lynne said...

I have a (New Year)post on my blog that adressed this very issue. Be the change!

Anonymous said...

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Robo said...

Well said, indeed.