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Sunday, 7 December 2008

It's all in the accessories

Harry and his son and girlfriend are en route back to Britain, touching down later this morning.

Which means that I can afford to smile at these pictures of the queen in trousers, an unexpected sight - note the two scarves detail


Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Well, at least she wears her jeans with what looks to be an Hermes blouse. And thank goodness we didn't have to see her in a bathing suit on that beach!

Toby Wollin said...

You know, I feel quite warmly toward HRH in those pictures, scarves and all. And if she had worn a bathing suit, it probably would have been one of those skirted numbers from that period..and she would have looked herself in them.

Deja Pseu said...

So glad to hear they're on their way home. Wishing Harry's son a speedy recovery!

HRH certainly loves her Hermès scarves! I can't recall seeing any picture of her in trousers unless she was going riding.

lagatta à montréal said...

Enjoy the "family snaps" of HRH.

But I'm above all happy that Harry, Will and Kelly are returning home. Will will face a long stay in hospital and rehabilitation, but it will be such a relief to be home. I'm sure you've thought of something to take him in hospital, other than the traditional flowers.

There was a candle-lighting ceremony here for victims and survivors of the Mumbai attacks in a neighbourhood where many South Asians live.

Linda Grant said...

Harry mentioned the phrase single-malt whiskey over the phone so yesterday I went to a well-stocked off-licence where I was presented with a wall of to me indistinguishable single malts, and felt very much like a hapless man at the make-up counter, who panics and says, 'Chanel, I've heard of that, I'll take that one.'

It sounds like it was a rough journey back, but at least they are all home and the long-term rehabilitation can begin.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Saxe-Coburg in flares - quaite naice.

Very glad to learn that your loved ones are on their way home.

miss cavendish said...

Am very to happy to learn Harry, Will, and Kelly are en route.

I'm trying to think whether I've ever seen HRH in trousers before. I feel like she even goes on her "hunting" expeditions in a skirt. Could I be correct?

Ms Baroque said...

I think she looks adorable.

And wonderful news, though it is such a terrible situation. All best to them all, especially at this time of the year.

PS - Single malts, you couldn't possibly be expected to know. They're so different. Er, like perfumes...

desertwind said...

That's wonderful news, Linda! I'm sure your whiskey will be much appreciated.

Dear Harry & Will & Kelly and all your loved ones, your virtual-friends have been thinking of you and now we know to send you virtual-whiskey. Single-malt, of course.

These are sweet pix of the queen. She was kinda hott, wasn't she?

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