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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Fabric care from the Bagpuss mice

On the sad death of Oliver Postgate, aged 83

This was voted the most popular children's television series of all time by British viewers. Note the state of the art animation.


Cal said...

Oh I hadn't heard - how sad. I'm from Canterbury which is where he lived so I've always felt a connection - apart from just loving his work.

And Bagpuss put in many appearances in the city

One of my favourite memories is of my class teacher when I was about thirteen running into the classroom saying 'look, I've got my hand up Bagpuss' bum' - and so did I get to meet the real Bagpuss.


Anonymous said...

Cal - you will dine out on that for years!
I loved Noggin the Nog and The Clangers best. Never too old for his "settle down and I'll tell you a story" style.

mq, cb said...

Off topic, but have you seen this?

Ms Baroque said...

This is lovely. So sad about Oliver Postgate - a really beloved figure. He was like a sort of benediction, wasn't he, with his wonderful narration. I was always devoted to Ivor the Engine.

George S said...

I'll see if I can get daughter, Helen, to write a piece on this. She grew up with these lovely things.

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