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Friday, 12 December 2008

Cocosa, for when you just have to buy something

The dreadful events since Mumbai have sent shopping and fashion far from my mind (which has been focussed on certain scumbag freelance journalists quick to make a buck out of others' misfortunes).

But at a certain point, life has to return to a semblance of normality, a scrap of reality. And since I currently am reading 112 books for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, an element of superficiality has to enter my day at some point, in the form of the Cocosa site.

Cocosa is a membership-only fashion sale site. A couple of times a week it offers a small number of sale items from major designers. You get advance notice of the sale, then the date of the sale, then the sale preview, and then the sale opens for three days. With some items you have to very quick off the mark. The mark-downs are significant, usually 50% or more.

For some time I had been brooding over the Sonia Rykiel bags and yesterday at noon I pressed click and bought one. I bought it because I have long wanted a Chanel 2.55 without wanting to buy an actual 2.55 (my sister has one, and that would be copycat) and this is a version thereof.

All went smoothly. I bought an £800 bag for £399 plus £6 postage and this morning it arrived at my door less than 24 hours later exactly as described.

Cocosa keeps its membership numbers limited but you can join the waiting list. It doesn't cost anything and from what I've seen since it launched a couple of months ago, it has some spectacular bargains on very very good (mainly British) designers. There are sales coming up from Beatrix Ong, Luella, Jonathan Saunders and Richard Nichol. And they opened with McQueen and Lacroix.


Deja Pseu said...

That's a great bag!

I got on the mailing list a few months ago, but so far haven't really seen anything that rings my chimes. Just as well, am trying to curb the spending.

But for those of us in the hinterlands, what's this about a scumbag journalist???

Linda Grant said...

Patience, patience. All I can say is I have seen a side to Harry's tongue that was not in evidence when, long, long ago, he was selling brown rice, lentils and joss sticks.

desertwind said...

I'd like to hear more about Harry brown rice, lentils and joss sticks!... and, of course, all about the scumbag journalists... and Harry the Ferocious Father!

kairu said...

That's a great bag! I could never buy a Chanel bag even if I could afford it, because I don't like to carry anything recognizable, but that Rykiel bag is beautiful.

George S said...

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize - I judged that in 2004. We had fewer books though. Seventy-eight, as I remember. Still have many of them. That was the year Javier Cercas won.

Sable said...

Great handbag! All of the requisite details without splashy logos - fabulous. In classic fashion, tell me can't have it and I want it. Deja Pseu - how does one locate an invite to