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Tuesday, 18 November 2008


While I know, of course, that Rachel Green is a spoilt Long Island Jewish fictional character in a television series called Friends, and Jennifer Aniston is a Greek-American actress living in Los Angeles, in my heart of hearts I do not really believe that Jen is not playing herself. Because that would mean that Rachel does not exist. Which makes Jen's current situation so disheartening.

As Rachel Johnson (who I like) says:

OMG, you have to check out the catfight between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. It all started when Ange told The New York Times that she had fallen in love with Brad Pitt on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith in 2004, when he was supposed to be totally married to Jen. So now Aniston’s gone for Jolie’s jugular and the latest is: Brad’s so annoyed that he called his ex and chewed her out.

Yes, I know that it all sounds very Jerry Springer but it may be useful at this point to recall the actual words that Aniston used to cause this headline-grabbing three-way stropathon.

What Aniston said was: “There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening. I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss. That stuff about how she couldn’t wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool.”

Well, here’s the outrage, in my humble opinion. A woman six years younger with huge pouty lips takes your man, because she can, leaving you to face 40 alone and childless . . . and “a little inappropriate” and “uncool” is the best you can come up with, Jen? Oh dear.

I would have said that the situation called for some full-fat, industrial strength, venti-sized bitching. What you gave it was small, skinny and decaff, and that got me really worried that maybe - my voice drops to a concerned whisper - you’re not really that okay after all.


Toby Wollin said...

Jennifer Anniston, IMHO, even at the age of 40-whatever, is still hewing to the "I'm a good girl" position, hence her inability to get off a 'good one' in response to the news (shocking!!) that Jolie was stalking her husband during filming. I think Anniston is caught in a no-win situation: Jolie is an ambassador for the UN; she is seen as a living saint in terms of adoptions; she's also a much more 'bankrollable' actress than Anniston is. Anything negative she might say against Jolie would be seen as sour grapes. But for the rest of us, we all know what women who steal other women's husbands are called...

StyleSpy said...

Nonsense. She has better manners than to descend into "industrial-strength bitching" and I for one applaud her for it. She makes a perfectly valid point -- Jolie's relationship with Pitt is her business and she can discuss it as little or as much as she likes. What happened before he was divorced from Aniston involved three people, and Jolie should refrain from talking about it without all parties' consent. What Aniston is saying, in her polite, California-girl way, is that gloating about the affair you were having with a married man in public where everyone including the then-wife is sure to hear it is bad form. Trashy enough to do it, but to then broadcast the details? Beyond trashy.

Anonymous said...

Hey wait just a minute here, Jen's response was good and valid (and I'm not even a fan). As for the husband stealing...who knows?? He saw something he wanted Jolie goaded him...he left. Pitt has a history of falling for his leading ladies. To me he always comes across as a beautiful weak man. Did I say beautiful!

Duchesse said...

My Dad always used to say, you never know what happens when the shades are pulled. Who really knows who these people are, what kind of deal they had with one another, etc. It could be the classic he-done-her-wrong scenario, but then again, not. Look at her choices of companions since Pitt.

Bronwyn said...

It is not possible to "steal" a man. If he wants to stay, he will stay. If he wants to go, he will go. If the only reason he stays is that nothing better is on offer, you are better off without him. The concept of "stealing" a man is demeaning to men - it implies that he has no brain, no will, and is at the mercy of whatever woman fancies him the most. Men actually LIKE us to think this, it gives them an excuse for misbehaviour. "I couldn't help it, she wanted me". Bollocks. Make them take responsibility for their own actions. Reading this post you'd think Mr Pitt had nothing to do with the Jolie-Aniston situation.