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Friday, 7 November 2008

Last word (you wish) from the baby boomers

Gail Collins in the New York Times

Finally, on behalf of the baby-boom generation, I would like to hear a little round of applause before we cede the stage to the people who were too young to go to Woodstock and would appreciate not having to listen to the stories about it anymore. It looks as though we will be represented in history by only two presidents, one of whom is George W. Bush. Bummer.

The boomers didn’t win any wars and that business about being self-involved was not entirely unfounded. On the other hand, they made the nation get serious about the idea of everybody being created equal. And now American children are going to grow up unaware that there’s anything novel in an African-American president or a woman running for the White House.

We’ll settle for that.


Anonymous said...

I think a better age definition of baby boomers is warranted. I was born in the baby boomer years (1946-1964) but trust me, I don't feel 'baby boomer' is "my generation".

Susan said...

The definition of the Baby Boom years as 1946-1964 comes from the USA and reflects their birth rates. In the UK, the post-war Baby Boom was 1946-1955, after which the birth rate decreased, only to increase again in the mid-1960's.

Barack Obama, born in 1961, says he's not a Baby Boomer, and whatever he says on the subject is fine by me :)

miss cavendish said...

My students and I completed Uncle Tom's Cabin on Wednesday. How remarkable to discuss the literal move from the rough hewn cabin, on the same property as the "big house" to the White House, with all its symbolism.